Well first I should probably explain the whole ‘Under Gardener’ thing, it’s the nickname Pinky uses for me on Twitter. Sadly, there was already an @UnderGardener there, so I went with TheUndrGardener (I know there is an ‘e’ missing but such are the limitations of Twitter) – However, I also answer to ‘Tig’

Now, a little under/over two months ago I just wasn’t interested in gardening at all. Sure, I loved gardens and flowers but just wasn’t that ‘into’ them. Pinky and I have been together for quite some time now (I’m a guy, you think I can remember dates? I can barely remember my own age) and she’s the horticulturist (and physicist, and computer geek, and other wonderful things) and I’m just the hardcore technology type. However, while on holiday, we went to visit RHS Rosemoor (I’m a firm believer in doing things we each enjoy, rather than trying to always do stuff we both love) and while walking around there were some really rather awesome plants, with the most delicate, beautiful flowers. So I took some pictures on my phone (iPhone 6, the same device all of my pictures are taken on, until I can afford a ‘real’ camera) and suddenly “A BEE!” … It was collecting nectar, legs covered with pollen, I was hooked! – For those who are already aware of our YouTube and Twitter posts, perhaps now you’ll understand the Bee theme with (currently all) of the videos posted. Not only that, Bees are REALLY important!

So wind forward to the now (or past two weeks) and not only have I been taking more photographs in that time, than my entire life total combined before hand, I’m also started to collect an array of propagators on various window sills in the house. It has become so bad that I’m actually dragging Pinky around the garden centres and plant nurseries (not that she minds) and she is helping me to transform the gardens of my mother (who can’t do anything in the garden at the moment due to a full knee replacement, bless her)

So, to date, that pretty much sums up my life as a ‘Under Gardener’ – I’m always on the lookout for chances to photograph more places (I think Tyntesfield and University of Bristol Botanic Garden are going to get tired of seeing me before too long) so if anyone out there has any offers (that are close to Bristol, I’m also back at university at the age of forty, err.. umm.. 3? 43? I think it’s 43; I did warn you about that.. But yes, close to Bristol as students, famously, have no money)

Finally, I’d like to point out that the getting drunk (AFTER THE WORK, safety first!) and dirty (steady!) were not motivations at all (but the endless mugs of tea are wonderful) – Honest!

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