Small Green Pinky is actually a person. Well, she’s not that small and to date, she isn’t very green. She is, however, Pinky (she may explain this on her page one day, it’s a cute story!)

She also has the help of the downtrodden “Under Gardener”, that’s me! Actually, I love doing this stuff but mostly because (cue kittens and canned “ahhhh”) I love her, thankfully she loves me too.

This site is about our love of gardening, horticulture, nature, and trying to make this planet a better, sustainable place. With this in mind we hope that what appears to be a slightly random scattering of topics, now starts to make far more sense.

We aren’t professional in these particular fields (yet) in fact we are both computing/IT people with decades of experience. One of us (not me) is even a physicist (hint: SHE’s the smart one!)

That’s pretty much all there is to say for now but this site, as with life, is a journey that we are looking forward to seeing where it leads and we hope you choose to join us on the way.

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